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Monday, February 28

It's time to get the address!!

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Salam Readers..

I think it's time for me to collect your address guys...just left 61days which is almost 2months left for me to settle all the things for my wedding..fuhhh..Hopefully it will going smoothly.Aminn..

So for you guys, please update your address and contact info for me to send the card soon.Perhaps my card will be ready by this becoming 15th January 2011. So it's easy for me to distribute it early.hihi.Xsabar giler sye kn??Nvm, i will collect all the address within 1month. Start by middle of Febuary 2011 i can send the cards time by time.huhu

Actually this template i've referred the tutorial from Sarah. Thanks Pn Sarah:)..I think most of B2B know about this template and how we can use it.So for new B2B, u can try this once ur day almost be coming.hehe..


  1. lupa.i dah bagi address ke blom??


  2. alahai bila r nak tgk blog ni ade cite baru...tiap x bka jer xde..balik2 cite lame.huhuhu..cmner r orng nak dtg tgk blog ni klu penulis pn malas nak bercerita..hahahahaaaa..


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